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The question of gambling in video games has created problems for game producers and authorities throughout the world. Features like loot boxes and skins that are available to buy at games and frequently randomly in upgrades 1bet2u login, differ in interpretation between regulatory bodies and regions. In the UK these characteristics, for instance, are not a form of gambling, but rather as transactional. But some agencies have adopted a tougher approach, such as in Belgium.

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Authorities argument 

The Belgian authorities say that these game upgrades are similar to playing because of their lucky aspect – and that they have thus been strongly opposed to producers that include these aspects in their games.

Perhaps the most prominent break between the Belgian authorities and the gaming industry is EA Sports and FIFA, the most successful video game in the world. In spite of the protests by individuals who have enforced local gambling laws, the FIFA disputed Belgian assertions Fifa points are similar to or might be used for gambling.

Now that EA Sports has said that it is withdrawing its function from its Belgian products it looks that regulators could wind up taking their place. In future, players in Belgium will only be able to gain points through completing challenges in the game, instead of buying real money points. The announcements came after the Belgian authorities’ beginning of the so-called ‘loot box’ devices.

The loot boxes 

The chance aspect of loot boxes has been declared in a study issued by the Belgian Gambling Commission in 2018 to be a chance game, which is normally fully prohibited in Belgium. Having first refused to comply with the direction, the franchise of EA Sports FIFA had been defeated by regulators who maintained that cash games should not be offered under Belgian present legislation in jurisdiction.

In its declaration on the topic, EA Sports stated that, though it still disagreed with the attitude of the Belgian authorities, it would immediately adopt the measures. We have decided to cease providing Fifa Points for sale in Belgium after additional negotiations with the Belgian authorities.

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Remain legal

These adjustments are made effective by 31 January 2019 in our Fifa console and PC games. As we do so, we do not agree with the interpretation of Belgian law by the authorities and will continue to seek clarity with regard to this issue. Loot boxes are lawful in the UK, however the Gambling Commission has highlighted concerns about, particularly, games aimed at younger players. In other jurisdictions, including the US, China and Japan, similar investigations are being carried out.

Although loot boxes appear destined to play an important part in video games, without mentioning the fact that they provide a key source of income for game producers, examples such as these illustrate that a grey field of legal interpretation persists. In future, the issue for developers will be to provide adequate controls, both for regulatory satisfaction and not to allow users to feel abused by these characteristics.

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